Good Days, Bad Days

Good Days, Bad Days

193. One day treats us like a hireling nurse, another, like a mother.

In addition to those standout good days, there are of course bad days as well.

Some days we just have to deal with a lot of B.S. Like a hireling nurse. Nothing seems to go right. Other days nurture and encourage us. Like a mother. We can do no wrong and everything is easy.

But the key to our success is in our reaction.

Do we take the difficult days as they come? Do we consider them a learning experience? An opportunity to grow stronger, more resilient?

Or do we crack under the pressure. Do we let the (perceived) weight of the world crash down us, bringing our hopes and dreams down with it.

And about those exceptional days — do we take them in stride as well? Do we not let ourselves get too high, like Icarus flying too close to the sun? Do we not “read our own press clippings,” and let our head swell with visions of grandeur and infallibility?

Either extreme is damaging, and there are pitfalls on both sides — we could either give in to the demon of self-doubt on the one side, or the demon of hubris on the other.

Instead, strive for the middle ground.

Don’t get too down on ourselves during those days where we are “like a hireling nurse.” Take it as it comes, keep a level head, survive — and know that tomorrow the sun will rise again, bringing a new day with it.

And don’t become too self-satisfied during those days when we can do no wrong. Take full advantage of the day and all its opportunities, yes — but don’t become arrogant in our success. Be driven, but stay humble.

Your future self will thank you.

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