Man’s Most Prudent Counselor

151. Man’s most prudent counselor is time.

We all feel as if nothing is going right sometimes. As if all of our efforts are for nothing. As if we are not getting any closer to achieving our vision. And sometimes, this feeling can be overwhelming. We may look outside ourselves for answers. But what is there to be found?

In reality, we often have all the answers we need inside of us. There is nowhere else to look. And given enough time, we will often come to this realization ourselves as we work through whatever is troubling us.

In the heat of the moment, it is easy to get swept up in emotion and overreact. Given even a little bit of time, say, a good night’s rest and a peaceful morning, we can see that we had lost perspective. Maybe we had blown things out of proportion or read too deeply into something.

They say time heals all, and while we can debate this notion, Publius here reminds us that often all we need is a little time and distance to regain our perspective and receive some valuable counseling from within. Many times, we know the answer already, but our ego is blocking it from reaching our conscious selves — give it some time, and the truth will be revealed.

A Reversal

On the flip side, there are times when it is prudent to speak with someone else. Perhaps a family member, trusted friend, or mentor. Someone off of which we can bounce ideas. We can use them as a sounding board for what we are thinking. We can draw on their experience and wisdom to help us get out of a rut. Sure, we may have been able to work through it eventually ourselves, but to use time wisely, we should make use of our personal and professional relationships when we can.


In summary, know that time is our ally. While it is precious, it is always there for us. As Richard Koch says, “time gone is not time lost — time will always come round again.”

Know that for many of the difficult problems we face in life, the answer lies within ourselves. We may only need some time, or a shift in perspective, to reveal it. Sometimes, a trusted friend or confidant can help shake up our perspective and move things along, but on the whole, time is our most prudent counselor.

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Reading timeless wisdom from a Roman slave is an excellent way to pass the time.


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