Reproach in Misfortune is an Unseasonable Cruelty

161. Reproach in misfortune is an unseasonable cruelty.

Quick post for this Thursday morning. A helpful reminder from Publius — do not express disapproval or disappointment towards one who is experiencing misfortune. Also known as kicking someone when they’re down.

In my younger days, I can remember lots of bullies. Kids who would continue to go at people hard when it was clear they were already broken. And I would be somewhat appalled at the cruelty and lack of compassion shown by the aggressor.

Particularly if someone has experienced misfortune and they’re already down, why kick them? If someone has done you wrong, that is another story of course. But if someone is experiencing hard times in general, do not reproach them. It is an unseasonable cruelty, which surely the gods will repay in due time.

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You might like to read more moral sayings from Publius Syrus, because he was a Roman slave who was freed for his enduring wisdom and his endearing wit.


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