A Simple Reminder of Gratitude

180. The blessing which could be received, can be taken away.

We’ll keep it very short and sweet this morning.

Publius Syrus has an excellent reminder for us — that for any blessing which it was possible for us to receive, it’s just as possible that it be taken away.

Could be talent, fame, love, power, money. Any kind of good fortune imaginable. If we did not have it before, and we have it now, it can go away again.

So make good use of today. Spend all eighty-six thousand, four hundred seconds as if it could be your last, or at least your last with a given blessing. And anything you undertake doing, do excellently. Go above and beyond. Put your all into it. Else, it is doubtfully worth doing in the first place.

And live graciously. Humbly. Give thanks to the universe and those around you. Don’t take things for granted. Show your loved ones how important they are to you.

Your future prospects will be all the more brighter.

Until next time,


You might enjoy reading this treasure trove of timeless sayings, because it was written by a Roman slave 2,000 years ago, and is still being published today!


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