Wholesome Food

Wholesome Food Served on Plain Tables

47. The plainer the table, the more wholesome the food.

Alright, Publius is back — there were a few good ones in today’s selection, but let’s go with this one.

We could interpret this in a few different ways. Does he mean a life lived simply is more wholesome? Or does he mean that food appears all the richer when served on a plain table? Then again, rich food is typically not wholesome. Merriam-Webster defines wholesome as “promoting health or well-being of mind or spirit.”

Maybe we’re taking him too literally. Maybe he refers here to the importance of the content of a thing, rather than it’s presentation or accoutrements. We always hear in the world of Internet marketing — “content is king.” Or in music, art, etc. — focus on the quality of your product, not on slick marketing.

I’m at a loss which direction to take this. Googling a bit brings up some interesting analyses of his life and work, including this classic — a rolling stone gathers no moss. Can’t wait to get to that one! Lot to say there.

But back to the plain table and the wholesome food.

Don’t be taken in by the trappings and ornaments of a thing or situation. Focus on the fundamental, the core, the true essence of a thing.  The wholesome and nutritious food, if you will, served on a plain table.

So it should be in life, according to Publius. Sure, appreciate luxury and the finer things in life, but know that they are transient and don’t put them at the core of your life’s purpose.

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You should probably read classic literature, because you need some wholesome food on the plain table of your life.


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